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2012-10-23 92
The curtain may have come down on the 15th Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF) but the event lives on in the discussions it has engendered down the years.

And those debates have been faithfully recorded in What Other Films We Need: Forum Dialogue of Shanghai International Film Festival (pictured below). It documents selected forum dialogues from SIFF which took place between 2007 and 2010. Famous Chinese directors and producers such as John Woo, Feng Xiaogang, He Ping, Wang Xiaoshuai, Jia Zhangke and Lu Chuan share their perspectives and experiences in the book. The views of film critics and overseas film industry insiders are also included.  

Chinese film market

Since the establishment of the SIFF forum in 2004, this is the third book to document the debates of the forum. According to Post Waving Publishing House (which published the book), What Other Films We Need tells readers the trends and concerns of professional filmmakers in China. It explores topics such as "What kind of films does the Chinese film market need?" and "the new cooperation between Chinese films and Hollywood."

"We want the sparkling ideas raised on SIFF forums to reach more people through this book," Shen Yang, executive chief editor of the book and the deputy director of SIFF operations, told the Global Times. Shen is also the co-founder of the SIFF forum which started in 2004. 

"Besides screening films, the Shanghai International Film Festival also focuses on the trends in the film industry, and deals with pragmatic, day-to-day issues," she said.

Telling a story

This year's film festival forum started from the topic of "Telling Chinese stories to the world through film." Chinese director Feng Xiaogang, who is famous for Dream Factory (1997), Cell Phone (2003) and If You Are the One (2008), pointed out in a dialogue with the writer Liu Zhenyun that, "it doesn't matter whether we (Chinese people) think we are telling a good story to the world; it all depends on whether the world is interested in our story."

The forum also attracted famous producers Gary Kurtz and Mike Medavoy and the scriptwriter Nicholas Meyer (who penned some of the Star Trek feature films). Meyer said: "A good Chinese story, just like a good American story, should be easily understood and accepted." 

Shen added: "The focus of this year's forum mainly discusses how to enhance the key production capability of films, covering different filmmaking stages, including film creation, production and releasing." The records of 11 forums that happened this year will be published in the next installment of the series.

                                                                                           ​(From Global Times | 2012-6-24 19:35:03  By Li Yuting)